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ManufacturerModelCaliberBarrel LengthNotesPriceInventory #
Mossberg50012 Ga. - Barrel ONLY24" fully rifledcantilever scope mount$125.00
Stevens15 A.22 S-L-LR24"single shot$129.001806
Ithaca3716 Ga.28" Mod.$329.001963
Ithaca3712 Ga.28" Mod.$319.001966
LefeverNitro Special12 Ga.30" s/s
Mod / full
Ithaca3712 Ga.28" Mod.$329.002222
Ithaca37 Deerslayer12 Ga.24" fully rifled$359.002378
Remington7600 Carbine.30-06 Spg.18"$579.002381
Marlin60.22 LR19"laminated stock$179.002387
Ithaca3712 Ga.30" full$329.002402
Stoeger/AmantinoCondor12 Ga.26" tubesingle trigger$349.002495
Remington770.270 Win.22"Bushnell 3-9x40
Grn Synth. stock
Winchester130012 Ga.22" Fully rifled$279.002586
Sears/Winchester200/120012 Ga.28" adj. choke$169.002589
Maverick/Mossberg8812 Ga.28" tube chokeBlack Synth. stock$189.002602
LefeverNitro Special12 Ga.30" S/S
New Haven/Mossberg240C.22 S-L-LR18"$129.002606
H&R 1871Pardner Pump12 Ga.18 1/2" imp.orig. butt included$249.002650
Stevens32012 Ga.28" tubelike new$179.002670
Savage 111.270 Win.26"Simmons 3-9x40
Syn. stock
Mossberg395 KB12 Ga.26"bolt action$79.002676
Foremost/Marlin3040 / 336.30-30 Win20"$389.002720
Marlin336C.30-30 Win.20"Nice!$429.002725
KahrCW99 mm3"Stainless$299.002735
Winchester94.30-30 Win.20"Blue - 1973 mfg.$429.002737
Marlin336.30-30 Win20"Blue w/Simmons 4x32
Winchester1212 Ga.30" Mod.Blue - refinished$349.002765
Savage110C.30-06 Spg.22"Simmons 3-9x40$249.992803
WinchesterMod. 1212 Ga.28" Mod.Nicely reblued$329.992831
Smith & WessonM&P 40 C.40 S&W3 1/2"matte
Crim. Trace Laser
Stevens32012 Ga.28" tube chokematte$179.002838
Maverick/Mossberg8812 Ga.28" mod (tube)blue - blk syn. stock$189.002852
Seasrs/Marlin103.2 (Marlin 80).22 s-l-lr24"Blue$129.002861
Remington514.22 S-L-LR24"Blue$189.002864
Remington700 ADL.270 win.24"Matte-camo syn stock
3-9x40 scope
Remington 572 BDL.22 s-l-lr21"Blue$459.002888
RugerOld Model Blackhawk.41 Mag.4 5/8"Blue "three screw"$489.002890
Remington572 BDL.2221"Blue$459.002889
Winchester 94 XTR.30-30 Win>20"Blue - reciever custom colored$429.002891
TaurusPT 24/7 PRO C DS.40 S&W3 1/4"Stainless$329.002892
Winchester67A.22 S-L-LR27"Blue$79.95 - you clean it!2893
Mossberg500A12 Ga.28" field-tube
24" fully rifled
Blue$259.00 - nice2894
Mossberg195 D12 Ga.28" full/improved chokesBlue$129.002908
RugerSR22.22 LR4 1/4"Matte - New in box$269.002909
Smith & WessonM&P 40C.40 S&W4"Stainless$289.002911
RugerRedhawk.44 Mag.5 1/2"Blue$679.002912
IMEZ RussiaIJ-70-17A.380 Aitp3 3/4'Blue - spare mag.$289.002916
RugerLCR9 MM2'Matte$399.002921

Smith & Wesson69469mm3 1/2"Stainless$349.002946
Smith & WessonSW9F9mm4 1/2"Matte$219.992949
H&R 1871Pardner Pump - youth20 ga.20 3/4" -tube-Mod.Matte$179.002950
New EnglandPardner20 ga.24" fully rifled
w/ 4x32 scope
CZP-10 C9mm4"Matte$379.002954
Mossberg500 Regal12 Ga.28" Accu-chokeBlue$199.002965
Ithaca37 Featherlight12 Ga.26" CylinderBlue$279.002967
Remington870 Ex. Mag.12 Ga.28" Mod. (tube)Matte$259.002968
Remington 870 Wingmaster12 Ga. - 2 3/4" chamb.28" mod.Blue - super Nice! 1971 mfg.
Remington760.30-06 Spg.22"Blue w/Leupold Vari-X II 2x7 1972 manf.$599.00 Super Cond.2972
SavageAXIS.308 Win.22"Matte$229.00 Nice!2973
Stevens620A12 Ga.28" Mod.Blue$129.002974
Wards/Savaage60 / 620A16 Ga.26"-polychokeBlue$129.002976
BerettaPX4.40 S&W4:Matte$329.002979
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